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The Challenge . .

IT departments are always expected to achieve more with less, while managing ever increasing complexities of  emerging technologies. Rapid changes and growth, new business verticals, and rapidly changing business needs add to the challenge of aligning overall business vision and strategy with IT strategy and architectures.

One of the top most priorities of today’s CIOs and CTOs is the integration and alignment of IT planning and business strategy. Most common challenges faced by organisations today are :

— Alignment of IT strategy with our overall organisational business vision

— Business need for IT to “do more with less” while providing higher levels of technological capability and performance

— Market pressure to transition from traditional IT delivery and architectural models to cloud, mobile and other emerging technologies

— Greater competition to deliver IT services from external and outsourced providers as well as internal “shadow” IT providers

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How we can help

Our team of experienced IT pros, offers technical expertise coupled with a deep understanding of key risks and issues specific to your business.  Our professionals accurately assess problems for you, and develop real, actionable solutions that address near- and long-term objectives.

We take a top down approach to IT Strategy and Architecture. We just do not deliver an executive report for our clients and wish them luck, we help them see it through meeting desired objectives.  Our team helps:

— Define the overall IT strategy (including the IT-business alignment model and key IT services to be delivered);

— Enable application capabilities and infrastructure platforms to provide required levels of service;

— Establish support tools to monitor and enable consistent performance from business-facing technologies, as well as IT delivery processes;

— Define value drivers and measures of success; and

— Provide actionable short- and long-term recommendations for increased maturity.

We gather necessary information, AS-IS !

Analyze what is important to you, benchmark !

Formulate and prioritize enhancements

Strategy, meeting business objectives